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"With most screenwriting contests, you might win a few bucks and get a lot of “likes” on your Facebook page. With Capital Fund Screenwriting Competition, you get direct access to people who have money and are looking for scripts. Now that’s a winner's contest!"


Timothy Smith

North 40


"My thanks for creating the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition and giving us writers a way to get our work directly into the hands of those who love movies and also have the means to fund them. I feel this is one of the best run and most significant of any of the newer screenwriting competitions that have come along in recent years."


Lee Tidball

IMDB link


"Dear CFSC, I was so happy with the prize and it helped pay bills for sure but the real win was the option and working with the producer and investor learning the development ropes. Thank you for all the work you do in helping us reach goals that take years for so many if they are lucky enough to even get there."


Pat Fortes



●   The only screenplay contest that connects writers with industry financiers

●   First screenplay contest? That’s OK; our film financiers are looking for new, fresh                 voices

●   Earn Film Industry Recognition or Repeat Recognition on the “Hot 100” List

●   Win an in-person table read on a major studio lot with investors and studio execs

●   Gain visibility beyond the reach of your agents or current contacts

●   Directly access studio-level film fund and private equity managers

●   Get on and stay on the Radar of people with the money and power to make your movie       and career.


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