Every entrant is read by a qualified buyer, who may elect to option or purchase your script regardless of whether or not your script places in the contest.


Ten Finalists : receive one-on-one phone consultations with a working film financier working with funds in excess of USD $150 million.


One Table Read Winner : Table read on the lot at Warner, Universal, Paramount, Sony, Fox, or Disney (date and location determined by cast availability, a feature Director and Producer will attend to give notes)

Three Gold Circle Winners : $1500 each, a 1 year script option for an additional fee and a personal phone consultation with financier.

Two Silver Lining Winners : $500 each and a personal phone consultation with financier.

One Bronze Ball Winner : $250 and  personal phone consultation with financier.


Lucky 7 Genre Category Winners : Personal phone consultation with financier.  One winner per category.

(Action Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense Thriller/Horror)


Television Pilot Winner : $1000 and personal phone consultation with network television Producer. (30 or 60 min Pilot only)


Short Film Winner : $1000 and personal phone consultation with Development Executive.


  • The Hot 100, compiled from this competition, a list for buyers and financiers around the world of the one-hundred most interesting scripts and their corresponding loglines.


*A synopsis must be included for each entry.



Entrant Feedback:

On behalf of myself and my co-writers, we want to thank you for the great opportunity to submit our script Trucker Chix to the contest and be read. To win in the Top Ten Finalists was beyond our hopes and then given the opportunity to speak with a Financial Professional was invaluable. He gave us such great enthusiastic feedback on our comedic story and told us how to present the script to get talent attached to it. His advice is invaluable and very generous. Your contest has been a life changing experience and look forward to submitting more material this year. 


Thank you for giving Writers a great forum to present their work. 

Susan Anlage

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