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We do all we can to bring our decades of experience in the industry to writers everywhere. Through multiple platforms online, live at festivals, free conference calls and in person seminars we want writers to get ahead faster and with less headache in this ever changing and challenging business of film and television.


We cover not only writing but other critical topics that today's writers need to have an understanding of in order to succeed.  Whether it be finance, legal, marketing, the major festivals, or big agencies we educate on those and more.


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I was able to tune in to the conference call, and I thought it was tremendously helpful. Thank you for addressing me and my questions on the call, I learned a lot. Dan's exchange with you brought to light a lot of information, I especially liked hearing about the sites to contact and his personal experiences. There's definitely an advantage to listening to your conference calls vs just googling/reading information. Thank you!


I'll definitely tune in to the next one on January 30.  All the best.





Thank you so much for allowing people outside of the industry hear the real inside of it. To talk with the team that runs the contest and especially the finance companies that judge and invest in franchises is awesome. And I didnt even have to get to LA for an expesive seminar and plane ride!

I'm a fan now, can't wait for more.


Pat Harrington


Great insights shared! It was a "keep your eye on the ball," session, stressing that if you want to work with investors, make it good for them... instead of just selling your no doubt excellent screenplay. I left feeling enthused, optimistic and ready to fire the after burners. That made everything about Capital Fund more than worth it to me.


Philip C. Sedgwick

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